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England thrash Pakistan by 95 runs to level series

England won the toss and opted to take guard.

The English side scored 283/5 with Jason Roy and Alex Hales scoring a 102 run opening partnership. Alex Hales scored a brilliant 109 run knock which included seven fours and three sixes.

Joe Root made 63 runs from 77 balls while Jason Roy made 54 runs from 57 balls.

Wahab Riaz took three wickets while Mohammad Irfan and debutante Iftikhar Ahmed dismissed one batsman each.

Pakistan, chasing 284 runs to win, were bowled out after scoring 188 runs in 45.5 overs. Apart from Sarfraz Ahmed, no Pakistani batsman could provide resistance to the English bowlers. The wicket-keeper batsman made 64 runs from 76 balls with the help of three boundaries.

Anwar Ali made 23 runs for the side whereas Skipper Azhar Ali scored 22 runs.

Chris Woakes took four wickets for England while David Willey dismissed three batsmen. Reece Topley, Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali also grabbed a wicket each.

The series is tied at 1-1. The third ODI will be played at Sharjah on 17th November.



Pakistan Innings

Over 45.5: Pakistan 188 all out

Ball-by-ball: 6-0-1-0-W

England thrashes Pakistan by 95 runs to level the four match series 1-1. The third one day will be played at Sharjah on 17th November.

WICKET: Mohammad Irfan b Topley 0 (2b 0x4 0x6). Pakistan 188/10 in 45.5 overs.

Over 45: Pakistan 181/9

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-0-0-1-W

Sarfraz’s departure nearly seals it for England.

WICKET: Sarfraz Ahmed c Jos Buttler b Chris Woakes 64 (76b 3×4 0x6). Pakistan 181/9 in 45.0 overs.

Over 44: Pakistan 178/8

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-1-0-4-1

Yasir shah scored the boundary in the over.

Over 43: Pakistan 172/8

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-0-2-2-1

Six runs scored by Yasir shah and Sarfraz Ahmed in the over.

Over 42: Pakistan 166/8

Ball-by-ball: 0-4-1-W-1-2

Wahab Riaz was caught by Jos Buttler from David Willey’s over.

WICKET: Wahab Riaz c Jos Buttler b David Willey 5 (8b 0x4 0x6). England 163/8 in 41.4 overs.

Over 41: Pakistan 158/7

Ball-by-ball: 0-2-1-1-1-1

Another six runs scored in singles and doubles.

Sarfraz Ahmed raises his bat for a half century.

Over 40: Pakistan 152/7

Ball-by-ball: 2-1-0-0-1-2

Six runs scored in the over by Wahab Riaz and Sarfraz Ahmed

Over 39: Pakistan 146/7

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-6-0-W-1

Anwar Ali hits Moeen Ali for a six but is caught out two balls later.

WICKET: Anwar Ali c Chris Woakes b Moeen Ali 23 (34b 1×4 1×6). Pakistan 145/7 in 38.5 overs.

Moeen Ali to Anwar Ali - 38.5

Over 38: Pakistan 139/6

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-1-1-0-1

Four singles taken in the over delivered by David Willey.

Over 37: Pakistan 135/6

Ball-by-ball: 2-1-1wd-0-2-1-1wd-2lb

Ten runs scored by Pakistan in Moeen Ali’s over.

Over 36: Pakistan 125/6

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-0-1-0-0

Reece Topley gives two singles in the over

Over 35: Pakistan 123/6

Ball-by-ball: 0-4-4b-0-3-0

Sarfraz Ahmed scored the boundary in the over.

Over 34: Pakistan 112/6

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-1-0-2-1

Four runs scored in the over.

Over 33: Pakistan 108/6

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-0-1-1-0

Sarfraz Ahmed and Anwar Ali score four runs of Moeen Ali’s over.

Over 32: Pakistan 104/6

Ball-by-ball: 1-1lb-1-1-0-1

Five runs conceded by Reece Topley in the over.

Over 31: Pakistan 99/6

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-1lb-0-1-4

Nine runs scored in the over.

Over 30: Pakistan 91/6

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-1-0-1-3b

Five runs scored in the over by Anwar Ali and Sarfraz Ahmed.

Over 29: Pakistan 86/6

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-0-0-1-4

Sarfraz Ahmed scored the four in the boundary

Over 28: Pakistan 80/6

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-0-W-0-0

Adil Rashid bowls Mohammad Rizwan in the over.

WICKET: Mohammad Rizwan b Adil Rashid 17 (37b 1×4 0x6). England 80/6 in 27.4 overs.

Adil Rashid to Mohammad Rizwan 27.4

Over 27: Pakistan 79/5

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-2-0-0-0

Three runs taken in the over bowled by Moeen Ali.

Over 26: Pakistan 76/5

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-1-1-2-0

Four runs taken in the over by the Pakistani batsmen

Over 25: Pakistan 72/5

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-0-1lb-0-0

Moeen Ali gave two runs in the over.

Over 24: Pakistan 69/5

Ball-by-ball: 0-2-0-0-0-0

Two runs taken in the over.

Over 23: Pakistan 67/5

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-0-0-0-0

Sarfraz Ahmed scored the single in Moeen Ali’s first over.

Over 22: Pakistan 66/5

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-0-0-1-1

Adil Rashid concedes three singles in the over.

Over 21: Pakistan 63/5

Ball-by-ball: 2-0-4-0-1-1

Mohammad Rizwan scored the boundary in the over.

Over 20: Pakistan 55/5

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-1-1-0-1

Four runs given by Adil Rashid in the over.

Over 19: Pakistan 51/5

Ball-by-ball: 0-W-0-0-0-1

Chris Woakes clean bowls Azhar Ali.

WICKET: Azhar Ali b Woakes 22 (45b 1×4 0x6). England 50/5 in 18.2 overs. 

Over 18: Pakistan 50/4

Ball-by-ball: 1-2-0-0-1wd-0-0

Adil Rashid gives four runs in the over.

Over 17: Pakistan 46/4

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-1-1-1-W

Shoaib Malik is dismissed by Chris Woakes.

WICKET: Shoaib Malik c James Taylor b Chris Woakes 13 (25b 0x4 0x6). Pakistan 46/4 in 17 overs.

Chris Woakes to Shoaib Malik - 16.6

Over 16: Pakistan 41/3

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-0-1-0-0

Two runs taken by the Pakistani batsman in the over.

Over 15: Pakistan 39/3

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-1-1-1lb-1

Five runs taken from Chris Woakes’ over

Over 14: Pakistan 34/3

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-0-0-2-1

Pakistan reviewed the lbw decision against Shoaib Malik and the umpired reversed his verdict to not out.

Over 13: Pakistan 29/3

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-0-0-0-1

Chris Woakes concedes just a single in the over.

Over 12: Pakistan 28/3

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-1-1-0-1

Four runs given by Adil Rashid in his first over.

Over 11: Pakistan 24/3

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-0-4-1-W

Chris Woakes dismisses Iftikhar Ahmed in the over.

WICKET: Iftikhar Ahmed c David Willey b Chris Woakes 5 (21b 1×4 0x6). Pakistan 24/3 in 12.0 overs.

Chris Woakes to Iftikhar Ahmed - 10.6

Over 10: Pakistan 19/2

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-0-0-0-0

A maiden over bowled by Reece Topley. Green shirts batting with a run rate of 1.9 runs per over

Over 9: Pakistan 19/2

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-0-1-0-0

David Willey gave two singles in the over. Pakistan need to increase their scoring rate.


Over 8: Pakistan 17/2 

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-0-0-0-4

Iftikhar Ahmed scored the boundary in the over

Over 7: Pakistan 12/2 

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-0-0-0-0

David Willey concedes a single in the over.

Over 6: Pakistan 11/2 

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-0-0-1-0

Azhar Ali scored the single in the over.

Over 5: Pakistan 10/2 

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-1-W-0-0

David Willey dismisses Mohammad Hafeez for a duck.

WICKET: Mohammad Hafeez c Jos Buttler b David Willey 0 (8b 0x4 0x6). Pakistan 10/2 in 4.4 overs.

David Willey to Mohammad Hafeez - 4.4

Over 4: Pakistan 9/1 

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-1wd-0-0-0-0

Reece Topley gives just two runs in the over.

Over 3: Pakistan 7/1 

Ball-by-ball: W-1lb-0-0-1-0

A good over by David Willey as he dismisses Babar Azam and gives two runs.

WICKET: Babar Azam lbw b David Willey 4 (6b 0x4 0x6). Pakistan 5/1 in 2.1 overs.

David Willey to Babar Azam - 2.1 

Over 2: Pakistan 5/0 

Ball-by-ball: 2-0-1-0-0-0

Reece Topley concedes three runs in his first over.

Over 1: Pakistan 2/0 

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-1-0-0-0

Pakistan openers Azhar Ali and Babar Azam score two singles in the first over bowled by David Willey.


England Innings

Over 50: England 283/5

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-1-1-1-4

Pakistan require 284 runs in their allotted 50 overs to win this match.

Over 49: England 275/5

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-1-1-W-1

Mohammad Irfan dismisses skipper Eoin Morgan in the over.

WICKET: Eoin Morgan c Babar Azam b Mohammad Irfan 29 (29b 1×4 1×6). England 274/5 in 48.5 overs.

Mohammad Irfan to Eoin Morgan - 48.5

Over 48: England 270/4

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-1-1-W-0

Wahab Riaz gives four singles and dismisses Jos Buttler in the over.

WICKET: Jos Buttler b Wahab Riaz 11 (10b 1×4 0x6). England 270/4 in 47.5 overs. 

Wahab Riaz to Jos Buttler - 47.5

Over 47: England 266/3

Ball-by-ball: 4-0-1-1-2-1

Nine runs given by Mohammad Irfan in the over. The boundary was struck by Jos Buttler.

Over 46: England 257/3

Ball-by-ball: 0-W-0-1-0-0

Wahab Riaz gets a wicket and concedes just a single in the over.

WICKET: Joe Root b Wahab Riaz 63 (77b 3×4 0x6). England 256/3 in 45.2 overs.

Wahab Riaz to Joe Root - 45.2

Over 45: England 256/2

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-0-1-2lb-4

Mohammad Irfan gives eight runs in the over.

Over 44: England 248/2

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-1-0-1-1

Wahab Riaz gives four singles in the over.

Wahab Riaz into the attack now.

Over 43: England 244/2

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-1-1-0-0

Four singles taken from Mohammad Irfan’s over.

Over 42: England 240/2

Ball-by-ball: 1-6-1-1-1-0

Eoin Morgan hit the six in the over.

Yasir Shah to Eoin Morgan - 41.2

Over 41: England 230/2

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-1-0-1-0

Iftikhar Ahmed gives three runs in the over.

Over 40: England 227/2

Ball-by-ball: 4-1-2-2-0-2

Anwar Ali concedes 11 runs in the over.

Joe Root reached his fifty with the help of three fours.

Anwar Ali given the ball to bowl.

Over 39: England 216/2

Ball-by-ball: 1-4-1-6-W-0

Alex Hales danced down the track and hit Iftikhar Ahmed for a six before he was stumped out.

Iftikhar Ahmed to Alex Hales - 38.4

WICKET: Alex Hales st Sarfraz Ahmed b Iftikhar Ahmed 109 (117b 7×4 3×6). England 216/2 in 38.5 overs.

Iftikhar Ahmed to Alex Hales - 38.5

Over 38: England 204/1

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-0-1-1-1

Four singles taken from Wahab Riaz’s over.

Over 37: England 200/1

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-0-0-0-2

England 200 up. Alex Hales has also reached his century.

Alex Hales scored his century with the help of seven fours and two sixes. 

Over 36: England 197/1

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-1-1-1-0

Three runs given by Wahab Riaz in the over.

Over 35: England 194/1

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-1-0-1-1

Four singles taken from Iftikhar Ahmed’s over.

Over 34: England 190/1

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-1-1-1-4

Joe Root scored the boundary in the over bowled by Yasir Shah.

Over 33: England 181/1

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-1-1-1-1

Five singles taken from Iftikhar Ahmed’s over.

Over 32: England 176/1

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-2-0-1-2

Six runs given in the over by Yasir Shah.

Over 31: England 170/1

Ball-by-ball: 0-1lb-1-1-1-1

Iftikhar Ahmed gave five runs in his first ODI over.

Debutante Iftikhar Ahmed given the ball to bowl. 

Over 30: England 165/1

Ball-by-ball: 6-1-1-0-6-0

Alex Hales scored the two sixes in the over.

Yasir Shah to Alex Hales - 29.1

Yasir Shah to Alex Hales - 29.5

Yasir Shah brought back into the attack.

Over 29: England 151/1

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-1-0-1-1

Mohammad Irfan gives five runs in the over.

Over 28: England 146/1

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-2-1-1-1

England scores six runs in the over delivered by Anwar Ali.

Over 27: England 140/1

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-0-0-0-0

Just a single conceded by Mohammad Irfan in the over.

Pacer Irfan into the attack now

Over 26: England 139/1

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-1-1-1-1lb

Anwar Ali concedes four runs in the over.

Over 25: England 135/1

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-1-1-4-1

25 overs gone for England and the side is batting at 5.4 runs per over. Alex Hales scored the boundary in the over.

Over 24: England 126/1

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-0-1-0-1

Four singles taken from Anwar Ali’s over.

Over 23: England 122/1

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-1-0-1-1

England score five runs in the over.

Over 22: England 117/1

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-1-0-0-1

Three singles taken in Anwar Ali’s over.

Anwar Ali into the attack

Over 21: England 114/1

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-1-0-1-0

Two runs given in the over by Shoaib Malik.

Alex Hales reached 50 after scoring six boundaries. 

Over 20: England 112/1

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-1-0-0-0

Wahab Riaz concedes just a run in the over.

Over 19: England 111/1

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-1-1-3-1

Eight runs conceded by Yasir Shah in the over.

Yasir Shah back into the attack

Over 18: England 103/1

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-W-0-0-1

Wahab Riaz breaks the opening partnership as he dismisses Jason Roy.

WICKET: Jason Roy c Shoaib Malik b Wahab Riaz 54 (57b 8×4 0x6). England 102/1 in 17.3 overs. 

Wahab Riaz to Jason Roy - 17.3

Over 17: England 100/0

Ball-by-ball: 4-0-4-0-1-1

Hales and Roy take England’s total into three figures.

Over 16: England 90/0

Ball-by-ball: 0-4-0-0-4-0

Wahab Riaz gives away two boundaries in the over.

Jason Roy raises his bat for a half-century. He has struck eight fours in the innings so far. 

Wahab Riaz introduced into the attack once again. 

Over 15: England 82/0

Ball-by-ball: 0-2-4-1-1-1

Jason Roy scored his sixth four of the match in the over bowled by Shoaib Malik.

Over 14: England 73/0

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-0-1-0-0

Yasir Shah gives two singles in the over.

Over 13: England 71/0

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-0-4-1-1

Jason Roy scored the four in the over.

Shoaib Malik replaces Wahab Riaz in the bowling attack. 

Over 12: England 64/0

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-1wd-1-1-0-1

Four runs taken by the English batsmen in the over.

Over 11: England 60/0

Ball-by-ball: 2-0-2-1-1wd-1-2

Nine runs came from Wahab Riaz’s over.

Over 10: England 51/0

Ball-by-ball: 1-2-0-4-0-4

Ten overs gone and England batting with a run rate of 5.10 runs per over. Alex Hales scored the two fours in the over. The English openers have put up a 50-run opening partnership.

Over 9: England 40/0

Ball-by-ball: 4-0-1-1-0-0

Wahab Riaz finds the edge but the ball went for a boundary.

Wahab Riaz introduced into the attack.

Over 8: England 34/0

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-4-0-0-1wd-0

Jason Roy almost scored a six from a switch hit.

Spinner Yasir Shah into the attack.

Over 7: England 28/0

Ball-by-ball: 1-2-1-1-0-0

Mohammad Irfan gives five runs in his fourth over.

Over 6: England 23/0

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-1-4-0-0

English batsmen showing signs of aggression. Jason Roy comes down the track and hit Anwar Ali for a boundary.

Over 5: England 18/0

Ball-by-ball: 4-0-0-0-0-1

Alex Hales pulled Mohammad Irfan for a four.

Over 4: England 13/0

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-0-2-0-1

England score three runs from Anwar Ali’s over.

Over 3: England 10/0

Ball-by-ball: 0-1-0-0-0-0

Mohammad Irfan keeps it tight in the over and only gives a single.

Over 2: England 9/0

Ball-by-ball: 0-4-0-0-0-0

Jason Roy scored the four of Anwar Ali’s over.

Over 1: England 5/0

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-0-0-4-1

Mohammad Irfan bowled the first over and Jason Roy played a beautiful shot for a boundary.









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