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‘Tongue-in-cheek’ updates of Budget 2017-18

DISCLAIMER: The posts on this page are categorized as satire just to make budget news for you less tiresome and more of a fun. These are all fake updates and any resemblance will be purely coincidental.

Welcome to the Live Updates !  😀


7:55pm: Minister leaves the assembly after winding up budget speech!



7:21pm: What about third umpire?


7:10pm: “Five years of PML-N” – according to a tweep

6:59pm: This man seriously needs justice!

6:26pm: Budget figures and speech as understood by the laymen


6:10pm: Meanwhile, Aam Aadmi during the budget speech!

5:49pm: Opposition vs Govt during the session

5:29pm: ‘Oh Lord, stay Khawaja Asif away from the budget session today’

5.01pm: Ishaq Dar says Pakistan will be rid of load-shedding in 2018.


4.45pm: Opposition leaving for the budget session


4:39pm: Cigarette smokers on every budget day



4:30pm: Ishaq Dar unveils the budget today – in Chinese, for the Chinese!   





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