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Third T20: England whitewash Pakistan in super over

England won the toss and chose to bat first and scored 154/8 in their 20 over.

James Vince was the top scorer for England as he scored 46 runs from 45 balls with the help of three fours and a six while Chris Woakes made 37 runs from 24 balls which included three sixes and a boundary.

Joe Root made 32 runs from 22 balls and Eoin Morgan made 15 runs from 14 balls.

Debutante Aamer Yamin got a wicket on the first ball of his T20 career.

Shahid Afridi and Sohail Tanvir dismissed two batsmen each whereas Anwar Ali and Shoaib Malik also got a wicket as well.

The Pakistani side also managed score 154/7 in their 20 overs to take the game into the super over.

Shoaib Malik scored 75 runs from 54 balls which included eight boundaries and two sixes while skipper Shahid Afridi made 29 from 20 balls with the help of three sixes.

Mohammad Rizwan managed to scored 24 runs from 23 balls.

Pakistan, batting first in the super over, could only managed to score three runs on the board which the loss of one wicket.

Chris Jordan bowled the over for England. He conceded three singles and bowled Umar Akmal as well.

English batsmen Eoin Morgan and Jos Buttler helped their side win the series.




England Innings

Super Over: England 4/0 (match over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-1-0-1-2
Eoin Morgan and Jos Buttler help England beat Pakistan in the third T20 and clinch the series 3-0.

Pakistan Innings

Super Over: Pakistan 3/1
Ball-by-ball: 0-1-1-1-0-W
Chris Jordan bowled the super over for England and conceded only three runs and bowled Umar Akmal.

Chris Jordan to Umar Akmal 0.6


Pakistan Innings

Over 20: Pakistan 154/7 (run rate: 7.70 per over) (match tied)
Ball-by-ball: 1-6-0-1-W-1
The match is a tie and goes for a super over.

WICKET: Shoaib Malik c Sam Billings b Chris Woakes 75 (54b 8×4 2×6). Pakistan 153/7 in 19.5 overs. Next batsman: Anwar Ali.

Over 19: Pakistan 145/6 (require 10 runs to win) (run rate: 7.63 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-1-1-0-4-1
Chris Jordan gave eight runs in the over. Shoaib Malik scored the four in the over.

Over 18: Pakistan 137/6 (require 18 runs to win) (run rate: 7.61 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-1-W-1-4-4
Shoaib Malik scored the two boundaries in David Willey’s over following Afridi’s departure.

WICKET: Shahid Afridi b David Willey 29 (20b 0x4 3×6). Pakistan 128/6 in 17.3 overs.Next batsman: Sohail Tanvir.

Over 17: Pakistan 126/5 (require 29 runs to win) (run rate: 7.41 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 2-1-4-2-1-1
David Willey gave 11 runs in the over. Shoaib Malik scored the boundary in the over.

Over 16: Pakistan 115/5 (require 40 runs to win) (run rate: 7.18 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-1-1-1-6-1
Shahid Afridi hit David Willey for a 103 metre six.

Over 15: Pakistan 104/5 (require 51 runs to win) (run rate: 6.93 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 4-4-2-1-1-0
Shoaib Malik reached his fifty with the help of four boundaries and two sixes.

Over 14: Pakistan 92/5 (require 63 runs to win) (run rate: 6.57 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-6-1lb-0-6-1
Shahid Afridi and Shoaib Malik both scored a six in the over bowled by Moeen Ali.

Over 13: Pakistan 78/5 (require 77 runs to win) (run rate: 6.00 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-0-6-0-1-4
Shahid Afridi scored the six and Shoaib Malik scored the boundary in Adil Rashid’s over.

Over 12: Pakistan 67/5 (require 88 runs to win) (run rate: 5.58 per over)
Ball-by-ball: W-0-1-0-1-0
Chris Jordan took a splendid catch to dismiss Umar Akmal.

WICKET: Umar Akmal c Jordan b Ali 4 (9b 0x4 0x6). Pakistan 65/5 in 11.1 overs. Next batsman: Shahid Afridi.

Over 11: Pakistan 65/4 (require 90 runs to win) (run rate: 5.90 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 6-1-1-1-1-0
Shoaib Malik scored the first six of the Pakistani innings from the bowling of Adil Rashid by coming down the track and hitting the ball over mid-wicket.

Over 10: Pakistan 55/4 (require 100 runs to win) (run rate: 5.50 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-0-1-1-0-0
Moeen Ali gave three singles in the over.

Over 9: Pakistan 52/4 (require 103 runs to win) (run rate: 5.77 per over)
Ball-by-ball: W-1-0-0-1-0
Adil Rashid dismissed Mohammad Rizwan caught and bowled.

WICKET: Mohammad Rizwan c&b Adil Rashid 24 (23b 4×4 0x6). Pakistan 50/4 in 8.1 overs. Next batsman: Umar Akmal.

Over 8: Pakistan 50/3 (require 105 runs to win) (run rate: 6.25 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-wd-0-1-1-0-1
The pitch providing help for the spinners Moeen Ali introduced into the attack and he gave four runs in the over.

Over 7: Pakistan 46/3 (require 109 runs to win) (run rate: 6.57 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 2-1-1-1-0-1
Adil Rashid gave six runs in his first over.

Over 6: Pakistan 40/3 (require 115 runs to win) (run rate: 6.66 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-1-4-4-0-4
Chris Jordan conceded 14 runs in the over. All three boundaries came from Mohammad Rizwan’s bat.

Over 5: Pakistan 26/3 (require 129 runs to win) (run rate: 5.20 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-1-1-0-1-2
Chris Woakes gave five runs in the over.

Over 4: Pakistan 21/3 (require 134 runs to win) (run rate: 5.25 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-0-0-4-1-1
Shoaib Malik scored the boundary from Chris Jordan’s over via square cut.

Over 3: Pakistan 15/3 (require 140 runs to win) (run rate: 5.00 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-W-4-0-0-0
David Willey trapped Rafatullah Mohmand leg before in the over.

WICKET: Rafatullah Mohmand lbw David Willey. Pakistan 11/3 in 2.2 overs. Next batsman: Mohammad Rizwan.

Over 2: Pakistan 10/2 (require 145 runs to win) (run rate: 5.00 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-0-0-0-0-1
Chris Woakes conceded just a single in the second over.

Over 1: Pakistan 9/2 (require 146 runs to win) (run rate: 9.00 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 4-0-0-wd-0-W-wd-wd-wd-1W
A disastrous start for Pakistan as they lost Ahmed Shehzad and Mohammad Hafeez in the first over bowled by David Willey

WICKET: Mohammad Hafeez run out 1 (1b 0x4 0x6). Pakistan 9/2 in 1.0 overs. Next batsman: Shoaib Malik. 

WICKET: Ahmed Shehzad b David Willey 4 (5b 1×4 0x6). Pakistan 5/1 in 0.5 overs. Next batsman: Mohammad Hafeez.

England Innings

Over 20: England 154/8 (run rate: 7.70 per over)
Ball-by-ball: W-1-1-4-W-2
Pakistan require 155 runs to win the third Twenty20 to end the series 2-1.

WICKET: James Vince c Umar Akmal b Sohail Tanvir 46 (45b 3×4 1×6). England 152/8 in 19.5 overs. Next batsman: Chris Jordan.

WICKET: Chris Woakes c Umar Akmal b Sohail Tanvir 37 (24b 1×4 3×6). England 146/7 in 19.1 overs. Next batsman: David Willey.

Over 19: England 146/6 (run rate: 7.68 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 2-1-4-0-0-6
James Vince scored the six in the over bowled by Mohammad Irfan.

Over 18: England 133/6 (run rate: 7.38 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 6-1-wd-0-1-6-1
Chris Woakes scored two huge sixes in Anwar Ali’s over.

Over 17: England 117/6 (run rate: 6.88 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-6-2-wd-1-1-1
Chris Woakes scored a six in the over bowled Mohammad Irfan’s over.

Over 16: England 105/6 (run rate: 6.56 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-1-1-1-1-1
Shahid Afridi conceded five singles in the over.

Over 15: England 100/6 (run rate: 6.66 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-0-4-1-wd-1-1
Chris Woakes struck Sohail Tanvir for a boundary in the over.

Over 14: England 92/6 (run rate: 6.57 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-0-0-1-wd-0-1
Shoaib Malik went for four runs in the over

Over 13: England 88/6 (run rate: 6.76 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-4-W-2-0-0
Anwar Ali was brought back into the attack and he dismissed Sam Billings in the over after being struck for a four.

WICKET: Sam Billings c Umar Akmal b Anwar Ali 7 (8b 1×4 0x6). England 86/6 in 12.3 overs. Next batsman: Chris Woakes.

Over 12: England 82/5 (run rate: 6.83 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-2-wd-0-1-0-1
Shahid Afridi gave six runs in the over.

Over 11: England 76/5 (run rate: 6.90 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-2-W-0-1-0
Jos Buttler was run out by Mohammad Rizwan from the bowling of Mohammad Irfan.

WICKET: Jos Buttler run out 2 (3b 0x4 0x6). England 75/5 in 10.3 overs. Next batsman: Sam Billings.

Over 10: England 73/4 (run rate: 7.30 per over)
Ball-by-ball: W-0-1-wd-1-1-1
Shoaib Malik cleaned up skipper Eoin Morgan on his first ball of the match.

Shoaib Malik to Eoin Morgan 9.1

WICKET: Eoin Morgan b Shoaib Malik 15 (14b 0x4 1×6). England 68/4 in 9.1 overs. Next batsman: Jos Buttler.

Over 9: England 68/3 (run rate: 7.55 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 6-1-1-0-2-1
Eoin Morgan scored the maximum in Anwar Ali’s over.

Anwar Ali to Eoin Morgan 8.1

Over 8: England 57/3 (run rate: 7.12 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-1-1-1-1-1
Shahid Afridi conceded six singles in his second over.

Over 7: England 51/3 (run rate: 7.28 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-0-0-0-0-2
Anwar Ali conceded three runs in his first over.

Over 6: England 48/3 (run rate: 8.00 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-1-0-1-W-W
Skipper Shahid Afridi clean bowled Joe Root and Moeen Ali in the over. He will be on a hat trick in the next over.

WICKET: Moeen Ali c & b Shahid Afridi 0 (1b 0x4 0x6). England 48/3 in 6.0 overs. Next batsman: Eoin Morgan.

Shahid Afridi to Moeen Ali 5.6

WICKET: Joe Root b Shahid Afridi 32 (22b 4×4 1×6). England 48/2 in 5.5 overs. Next batsman: Moeen Ali.

Over 5: England 46/1 (run rate: 9.20 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-4-2-1-2-4
Sohail Tanvir conceded 13 runs in the over. Joe Root and James Vince each scored a boundary in the over.

Over 4: England 33/1 (run rate: 8.25 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-0-6-0-4-1
Joe Root scored the first six and the boundary in Mohammad Irfan’s over.

Mohammad Irfan to Joe Root 3.3

Over 3: England 21/1 (run rate: 7.00 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 4-0-1-1lb-0-4
Joe Root scored the first boundary of the English innings from Aamer Yamin’s bowling.

Over 2: England 11/1 (run rate: 5.50 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 2wd-2-0-1-2-0-1
Sohail Tanvir dropped James Vince in the over and concedes eight runs in his first over.

Over 1: England 3/1 (run rate: 3.00 per over)
Ball-by-ball: W-0-1-0-2-0
A dream debut for Aamer Yamin as he get Jason Roy out leg before on the first ball of his T20 career.

Aamer Yamin to Jason Roy 0.1

WICKET: Jason Roy lbw Aamer Yamin 0 (1b 0x4 0x6). England 0/1 in 0.1 overs. Next batsman: Joe Root




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