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UN failed to get its resolutions on Kashmir implemented, says PM Sharif

The Pakistan premier will primarily discuss three points before the world fraternity: Operation Zarb-e-Azb, growing tension between Pakistan and India, and Security Council reforms.

He will highlight Pakistan’s stance on Security Council reforms and tell that Pakistan is against the inclusion of any more countries in the UN body including India.

PM Sharif will draw special attention to Kashmir Issue and state Pakistan principled stance on it.

The matter of ceasefire violations by India along the Working Boundary and the Line of Control (LoC) will also be a part of PM’s speech today.

He will also inform the world leaders about the issues pertaining to Pakistan’s relations with India and Afghanistan as well as Pakistan’s efforts for peace in Afghanistan.

Moreover, the prime minister will brief the world about the achievements of operation Zarb-e-Azb.

Affairs pertaining to Middle East, Palestine will also be highlighted before world leaders, on the occasion.


    • PM delivers his speech at UN General Assembly in English.
    • 70 years ago, the UN was formed for the sake of international peace, with a purpose to provide a new beacon of hope to the world.
    • The UN saved the world during Cold War.
    • Restoring peace is the primary role of the United Nations.
    • We seek a more democratic and effective Security Council.
    • We are striving to eliminate terrorism menace from the world and for this purpose we are fighting all kinds of terrorism.
    • Pakistan is a country most affected by terrorism.
    • The operation Zarb-e-Azb is continued successfully and we tend to root out all forms of terrorism.
    • Pakistan has laid thousands of sacrifices in war against terrorism.
    • Muslims are suffering across the world, be it Palestine or Kashmir.
    • It is good to see the Palestinian flag waving outside the UN office.
    • The international community must redress these injustices.
    • The United Nations failed to get its resolutions on Kashmir implemented.
    • We are acting upon the policy to have a peaceful neighborhood for which talks were to be held with India on six issues including terrorism and Kashmir.

  • Thousands of Kashmiris sacrificed their lives for their right of self-determination.
  • People of Kashmir are an integral part of the Kashmir Issue.
  • Pakistan supports right of self-determination to the Kashmiris.
  • Kashmir is a core issue, without which durable peace not possible in the region.
  • Indian aggression across the LoC is mounting tensions in the region, despite Pakistan made several efforts to maintain friendly ties with India.
  • Our foremost neighbor does not want peace in Pakistan and the region.
  • India must respect the ceasefire agreement.
  • Tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan are in favor of no state.
  • Pakistan does not want to be a part of arms build-up in South Asia.



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