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Ayaz Sadiq recaptures NA-122 seat, secures 74,525 votes against Aleem Khan’s 72,082

The polling began at 8am and continued till 5pm without any interruption.

As per the official results, Pakistan Muslim League (N)’s Sardar Ayaz Sadiq retained his constituency by polling 74,525 votes. Aleem Khan did pose a tough challenge, but came short by more than two thousand votes, as his final vote count amounted to 72,082.

NA 122

However, not all was lost for Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, as the party did manage to win PP-147 seat from Lahore. PTI’s Shoaib Siddiqui emerged victorious, beating out PML-N’s Mohsin Latif. Shoaib polled in 31,964 votes whereas Mohsin Latif came second by securing 28,402 votes.


A total of seventeen candidates were in the arena in NA-122 Lahore. Prominent among them were Sardar Ayaz Sadiq of PML(N), Abdul Aleem Khan of PTI and Barrister Mian Aamir Hassan of PPP.

According to Election Commission Punjab, a total of 283 polling stations were setup to facilitate the voters in by-elections of NA-122 Lahore and PP-147 Lahore.

Meanwhile, Independent candidate Chaudhry Riaz-ul-Haq emerged victorious from NA-144 Okara constituency as he got 83240 votes while PML-N and PTI candidates Ali Arif Chaudhry and Ashraf Sohna secured 41052 and 7140 votes respectively.

Shoaib Siddiqui of PTI secured 31993 votes to defeat PML-N’s Mohsin Latif to win the by-election from PP-147 Lahore.



Unofficial results pour in

NA-122 Lahore

Sardar Ayaz Sadiq (PML-N): 75287 votes (winner)
Aleem Khan (PTI): 71256 votes

NA-144 Okara:

Chaudhry Riaz-ul-Haq (Independent): 83240 votes (winner)
Ali Arif Chaudhry (PML-N): 41052 votes
Ashraf Sohna (PTI): 7140 votes

PP-147 Lahore

Shoaib Siddiqui (PTI): 31993 votes (winner)
Mohsin Latif (PML-N): 28641 votes

12:50am: PML-N’s Ayaz Sadiq defeats PTI’s Aleem Khan in the fiercely contested NA-122 by-election.

12:41am: PTI’s Shoaib Siddiqui has emerged victorious in the PP-147 by-elections after securing 31993 votes. Mohsin Latif of PML-N came second after clinching 28641

12:24am: PTI leader Chaudhry Sarwar has conceded defeat in NA-122 Lahore and said that Ayaz Sadiq has won the by-election.


12:08am: Federal Information Minister Pervez Rasheed has said that the top leadership of PML-N will decide whether Ayaz Sadiq will return to the National Assembly as Speaker or not.


11:42pm: Ayaz Sadiq has thanked the people of Lahore for casting their votes in the NA-122 by-election.


10:33pm: According to unofficial results, Chaudhry Riaz-ul-Haq has won the NA-144 by-election in Okara by securing 83240 votes. PML-N’s Ali Arif Chaudhry came second after bagging 41052 while PTI’s Ashraf Sohna could only secure 7140 votes.


08:20pm: ECP announced that the results of the by-elections in Punjab will be dispatched under Pakistan Army’s supervision. The commission added that there is no chance of the elections being rigged.

07:25pm: PTI’s Naeem-ul-Haq has said that no rigging took place in the by-election. He added the verdict will be a victory for democracy.

5:00pm – Polling time ends, unofficial results will soon start pouring in as vote count is underway.

4:25pm – PTI chief Imran Khan, while exclusively speaking to ARY News, says he has no fears of by-election being rigged as army personnel are guarding polling stations.

3:44pm – Now a bad news coming from NA-144. At least three persons arrested for disrupting peaceful environment.

Bridegroom comes out to vote in NA122 by-election

Reham Khan finally comes to light, with an appeal to masses to support PTI.
  3:36pm – Inspector General Punjab Police says that investigations are underway regarding threats to MPAs and other political leaders.

3:27pm – Lahore Police have demanded of the Election Commission of Pakistan to take notice of election code violation by both the major parties in NA-122 by-election. The police request comes in the light of rallies taken out by both the parties in different parts of the constituency

3:10pm – PTI chairman Imran Khan says his party will emerge victorious in the by-election today. He insisted upon voters to come out of their homes and back Tehreek-e-Insaf. Hamza Ali Abbassi and Bilal Lashari are on the ground to support PTI.  

2:40pm – Senior PTI leader Jehangir Tareen says he was satisfied with the polling arrangements and process so far.

2:15pm – Another PML-N leader Maiza Hameed gets threatening message. Speaking to ARY News, she said she was not frightened by such texts.

She claimed the message was sent from a foreign number.

PML-N MPA faces maltreatment from ‘rogue’ elements

01:40pm –PTI and PML-N workers again face off in Samanabad. Heavy contingent of police reach the spot to prevent any untoward incident.

01:01pm – Jehangir Tareen and Chaudhary Sarwar visit different polling stations and express reservation over CCTV cameras being out of order.

12:45pm – Five bogus ballot boxes recovered from Sardar School in Garhi Shahu. Workers of PML-N, PTI engage in bickering following recovery of fake ballot boxes.

12:30pm – Chief election commissioner expresses satisfaction on electoral process and arrangements. He asks ECP staff to promptly address complaints of voters, if any.

12:05pm – Voter turnout has started to gradually increase as people arriving at polling stations.

Marvi Memon receives threat via SMS

Marvi Memon receives ‘threatening SMS by arynews

11:39am – Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has taken notice of PML-N worker barging into a polling station. He also took notice of threatening messages to Uzma Bukhari by unknown elements.

threat message

11:15am – Case registered against PML-N worker, identified as Abdul Muatadir, for forcefully entering a polling station in Rehman Pura School. Security officials also recovered pistol from his possession. He has been taken into custody.

11:05am – Workers of PML-N and PTI face off each other at a polling station in Shadman. They chant slogans against each others. workers faceoff

10:45am – PTI says its complaints of CCTV cameras have not been addressed. “They’re still not functioning.”

10:35am – PTI candidate Aleem Khan appeals voters to come out and support PTI. He says it’s a historic day today. “We have no objection if this polling process goes in complete transparency till conclusion.” aleem 10:20am – ECP receives complaints of delay in start of polling process at some polling stations in NA-144 Okara. Arguments between voters and polling staff also erupted at some booths.

10:05am – PML-N lawmaker from Punjab Uzma Bukhari claims that defeat for PTI as inevitable. PML-N leader claims to have received… by arynews She showed her cellphone to media, saying she had just received threatning messages from ‘unidentified elements’.

9:43am – PTI candidate for PP-147, Shoaib Siddiqui, says party chief Imran Khan would arrive at 2pm to cast his vote. He said there were two booths inside, 1 for MNA, 1 for MPA, alleging that administration let PML-N sit & disallowed PTI agents.    

9:32am – Aerial monitoring is also being carried out by law enforcement personnel to ensure smooth electoral process. DIG operation, Lahore says strict security arrangements ensured in and outside polling stations of NA-122 “At least 5,000 security personnel have been deployed for security across NA-122 polling stations to prevent any untoward incident. At least 80 polling stations have been declared sensitive in the constituency.”

9:25am – PTI candidate Aleem Khan, before proceeding to cast his vote, paid visit to Data Darbar and offered prayer for his success.

aleem khan

9:19am – Polling in NA-144 Okara is also underway without any interruption or untoward incident.

9:10am – Sarwar says his party only had hopes with Pakistan Army personnel deployed at polling stations could stop government machinery from ‘rigging’ by-polls. He hoped that people would give their verdict in favour of PTI.

Chaudhry Sarwar talks to media

8:50am – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Chaudhary Sarwar, in his media talk, said city administration had assured his party for monitoring of polling stations through CCTV cameras. He claims that CCTV cameras are out of order at most of the polling stations.

8.42am – As Ayaz Sadiq came out of the polling station, mediamen clustered around him to talk to him. However, he left the place without having any interaction with journalists.

Earlier in the morning, he had said he would accept the results, “whatever it its.”

8:35am – PML-N leader Ayaz Sadiq has cast his vote at polling station no.96 in Ghari Shahu.


ayazz vote

8:15am – Polling had been halted at polling station no.96 as a polling agent of PTI had boycottted, claiming that seals of a ballot box were not fixed in his presence. However, polling has now resumed again.

8:05am – Polling has begun in the by-election for NA-122, NA-144 and PP-147 with voters queues are being witnessed at some polling stations, while people are gradually turning up to cast their votes at other polling stations.


In the General Elections 2013, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq had, from PML-N’s platform, defeated Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf chairman Imran Khan. Ayaz Sadiq had secured 93,389 votes whilst Imran polled 84,517 votes.

PTI had challenged Ayaz Sadiq’s victory by alleging rigging and filing a petition to challenge the result. When proceedings for the case began in July 2013, Ayaz Sadiq obtained a stay order. When the stay order expired in November 2014, a commission was formed, headed by Justice Ghulam Hussain Awan.

As per directions of the commission, recounting and verification of votes were conducted by NADRA.

As per the commission’s report, 23,595 counter foils were not signed and stamped. 108,115 votes were declared as correct, 3,642 votes could not be verified whereas 2,693 votes did not contain the signatures of the staff . 750 votes were not stamped by the presiding officer. After listening to the cases of both parties and taking into account the evidence collected, the tribunal ordered reelection on the NA seat, thus de-seating the National Assembly speaker.



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