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Quetta Gladiators beat Karachi Kings by eight wickets

Quetta Gladiators won the toss and chose to field.

Ravi Bopara scored 40 runs from 29 balls while while skipper Shoaib Malik made 37 runs from 25 balls.

James Vince scored 30 runs from 33 balls.

Mohammad Nabi and Anwar Ali grabbed two wickets each.

Quetta Gladiators require 148 runs from 20 overs to win the match.



Over 18: Quetta Gladiators 153/2

Ball-by-ball: 1-6

Pietersen finished the innings with a massive six making Quetta Gladiators win against Karachi Kings by eight wickets.

Over 17: Quetta Gladiators 146/2

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-6-0-0-0

Over 16: Quetta Gladiators 138/2

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-0-4-4-W

Ahmed Shehzad lost his wicket after scoring 71 runs off 46 balls.

Over 15: Quetta Gladiators 129/1

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-1-1-1-2

Over 14: Quetta Gladiators 122/1

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-4-3-1-1

Over 13: Quetta Gladiators 111/1

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-0-0-6-4

Over 12: Quetta Gladiators 99/1

Ball-by-ball: 2-1-1-1-1-1

Over 11: Quetta Gladiators 92/1

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-2-1-6-W

Nauman Anwar took a brilliant catch of Luke Wright at score of 47 runs off 39 balls.

Over 10: Quetta Gladiators 82/0

Ball-by-ball: 1-0-1wd-4-6-1-1

Over 9: Quetta Gladiators 68/0

Ball-by-ball: 1wd-0-1-1-6-1-6

Over 8: Quetta Gladiators 52/0

Ball-by-ball: 2-1wd-1-1-0-1-0

Over 7: Quetta Gladiators 46/0

Ball-by-ball: 1-1-0-4-0-1

Over 6: Quetta Gladiators 39/0

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-2-6-1-1

Over 5: Quetta Gladiators 29/0

Ball-by-ball: 1wd-0-1-4-0-0-0

Over 4: Quetta Gladiators 23/0

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-4-0-1-1

Over 3: Quetta Gladiators 17/0

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-1-1-1-0

Over 2: Quetta Gladiators 14/0

Ball-by-ball: 4-1-4-1-1-0

Over 1: Quetta Gladiators 3/0

Ball-by-ball: 0-0-1-0-1-1


Over 20: Karachi Kings 147/7 (run rate: 7.35 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 4-W-4-1wd-0-1wd-1W-1wd(W)-1
Anwar Ali bowled the last over and Karachi Kings managed to put 147/7 in their 20 overs.

WICKET: Imad Wasim run out 0 (0b 0x4 0x6). Karachi Kings 146/7 in 19.5 overs. Next batsman: Iftikhar Ahmed.

WICKET: Shoaib Malik run out 37 (25b 4×4 1×6). Karachi Kings in 19.5 overs. Next batsman: Sohail Tanvir.

WICKET: Ravi Bopara c sub (Saad Nasim) b Anwar Ali 40 (29b 3×4 0x6). Karachi Kings 138/5 in 19.2 overs. Next batsman: Imad Wasim.

Over 19: Karachi Kings 134/4 (run rate: 7.05 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-4-1-1-1-4
Ravi Bopara and Shoaib Malik each scored the four in Umar Gul’s over.

Over 18: Karachi Kings 122/4 (run rate: 6.77 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1wd-1-1-1-1-1-2
Anwar Ali was given the over and he gave eight runs in the over.

Over 17: Karachi Kings 114/4 (run rate: 6.70 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-2-1-6-1-0
Shoaib Malik hit the maximum straight down the ground from the bowling of Zulfiqar Babar. Eleven runs came from the over.

Over 16: Karachi Kings 103/4 (run rate: 6.43 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-4-0-1-1-1
Shoaib Malik cut Mohammad Nabi for a four in the over.

Over 15: Karachi Kings 95/4 (run rate: 6.33 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 2-0-4-1-0-4
Ravi Bopara and Shoaib Malik each scored a boundary from Umar Gul’s over.

Over 14: Karachi Kings 84/4 (run rate: 6.00 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 2-0-2-0-2-1
Seven runs taken by Ravi Bopara and Shoaib Malik in the over bowled by Mohammad Nawaz.

Over 13: Karachi Kings 77/4 (run rate: 5.92 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-2-1-0-1-1
Zulfiqar Babar was brought back into the attack and he gave five runs in it.

Over 12: Karachi Kings 72/4 (run rate: 5.72 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-1-4-W-2-1
Shakib Al-Hasan tried to come down the track but got cleaned up by spinner Nabi.

WICKET: Shakib Al-Hasan b Mohammad Nabi 17 (13b 1×4 0x6). Karachi Kings 69/4 in 11.4 overs. Next batsman: Ravi Bopara.

Over 11: Karachi Kings 63/3 (run rate: 5.72 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-1-0-1-2-1
Mohammad Nawaz gave six runs in the over.

Over 10: Karachi Kings 57/3 (run rate: 5.70 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-1-2-W-1-1wd-2
Mohammad Nabi stumped out James Vince in the over.

WICKET: James Vince st Sarfraz Ahmed b Mohammad Nabi 30 (33b 1×4 1×6). Karachi Kings 53/3 in 9.4 overs. Next batsman: Shoaib Malik. 

Over 9: Karachi Kings 49/2 (run rate: 5.44 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-2-0-1-1-1
Mohammad Nawaz conceded five runs in the over.

Over 8: Karachi Kings 44/2 (run rate: 5.50 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-0-4-1-1-1
James Vince lofted Mohammad Nabi straight back over the top for a boundary after coming down the track.

Over 7: Karachi Kings 37/2 (run rate: 5.28 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-1-2nb-1-1-0-1
Umar Gul conceded seven runs in the over.

Over 6: Karachi Kings 30/2 (run rate: 5.00 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-0-1-0-0-W
Man of the match from the Gladiators’ previous game Mohammad Nawaz was handed the ball and he gets Simmons caught out.

WICKET: Lendl Simmons c Anwar Ali b Mohammad Nawaz 11 (19b 0x4 1×6). Karachi Kings 30/2 in 6.0 overs. Next batsman: Shakib Al-Hasan.

Over 5: Karachi Kings 29/1 (run rate: 5.80 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-1wd-0-1-1-6-1
Umar Gul was introduced into the attack and James Vince struck him for a six towards the leg side.

Over 4: Karachi Kings 18/1 (run rate: 4.50 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-0-0-0-0-2
Zulfiqar Babar conceded two runs in the over. He got the edge of James Vince’s bat and the ball hit Akbar-ur-Rehman’s face. The fielder was taken inside for medical treatment.

Over 3: Karachi Kings 16/1 (run rate: 5.33 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 1-6-1-1-1-1
Lendl Simmons danced down the track and hit Anwar Ali for a six.

Over 2: Karachi Kings 5/1 (run rate: 2.50 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-0-0-0-0-0
Zulfiqar Babar bowled the second over and starts off with a maiden.

Over 1: Karachi Kings 5/1 (run rate: 5.00 per over)
Ball-by-ball: 0-0-0-4b-1-W
Nauman Anwar and Lendl Simmons opened the batting for Karachi Kings while Anwar Ali bowled the first over for Quetta Gladiatiors. He dismissed Nauman Anwar for a duck.

WICKET: Nauman Anwar c Zulfiqar Babar b Anwar Ali 0 (1b 0x4 0x6). Karachi Kings 5/1 in 1.0 overs. Next batsman: James Vince.



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