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Irate Karachi residents hold protests against load-shedding, block roads

KARACHI: Citizens irate over unannounced long hours of power outages by Karachi’s sole power distributor K Electric, gather around Nazimabad area to hold protests on Friday, ARY News reported.

The infuriated protesters chanted slogans against the unchecked load-shedding and demanded that it ends for good. They blocked roads to Nazimabad in order to register their frustration with K Electric after suffering undue and long periods of load-shedding in the already hot weather.

After hours of protests and roadblocks, the local administration intervened and promised to allay their grievances. The protesters relented after the administration engaged in a dialogue with them and suggested them to clear the blockade.

The angry protesters appeased by the reassurances of authority dispersed the protests and gave way to traffic late into the evening today.

READ: Severe load shedding irks people in Karachi

The people in different areas of Karachi are facing immense problems due to severe unannounced electricity load shedding.

According to details, Orangi Town, Malir, Liaquatabad, New Karachi Town, Lines Area, Manzoor Colony Gulistan-e-Johar, North Nazimabad, and others are suffering from nine to ten hours of power outages.

The unannounced power cuts have badly distributed routine and business life in the metropolis. Speaking to ARY News, Chairman Businessman Group, Siraj Kassam Teli said that monopoly of K-Electric is badly affecting the port-city.

READ: Karachi may face severe gas, electricity load shedding during winter: sources    

It is key to note that earlier the metropolis’ utility providers said that the Gas and electricity crises may worsen during the upcoming winter season in Karachi and other parts of the Sindh province due to acute shortage of gas

According to sources, the gas load shedding would jump during the upcoming winter season in the province that could possibly face a shortage of 300mmcfd.



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