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Local body system must be restored: Musharraf

Addressing to annual convention of youth parliament in Karachi, Pervez Musharraf said role of Army in the country should be constitutional.

“Arguments are being made over democracy and dictatorship without even knowing about the difference between the two”, he said.

Speaking about tensions at western border of Pakistan and insurgency in Balochistan, he said it isn’t a new thing. He confirmed the presence of Taliban in Khyber PakhtunKhwa.

The former president suggested that there should be system of check and balance in the country. He denied presence of good governance in the country.

“Health, education and employment should be focused”, he suggested.

“Injustice has given birth to the protest demonstrations in the country”, he added.

Pervez Musharraf said he neither supporter Imran Khan nor Dr. Tahir ul Qadri rather his support is for Pakistan.

Former Chief of Army Staff said Indian leaders are not in favor of existence of Pakistan.

Commenting on the budget of Pakistan Army, Pervez Mushrraf said future of Pakistan may become shaky if Army’s budget cut down.



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