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Lockdown announced in Mirpur as Covid cases continue rapid spread


MIRPUR: The Azad Jammu and Kashmir administration has announced Friday the lockdown terms of reference (TORs) imposing week-long shutdown of businesses barring essential shops and pharmacies as increasing Covid cases already began exhausting hospital capacity, ARY News reported.

The lockdown will come in force starting March 1 which will see public transport in, out, and amid the city curbed for a whole month and as will be all academic institutions.

According to the notification which lays the standard operating procedures during the lockdown, shops dealing in essential items and medical stores will remain open but any public gathering, religious or political, or wedding ceremonies will be banned for a month starting March.

The administration of Mirpur, Azad Kashmir makes an exception for weddings planned inside houses with a limited of 25 people only, while for grocery shopping days Tuesday and Friday have been fixed for which one person from a family is allowed to come out, according to the notification to this effect.

All the entry points into the districts will be sealed from the same day while people seeking to leave for medical procedures will be required to sanction their departure from magistrate.

READ: Surging Covid cases in Mirpur overwhelm hospital ICUs, lockdown on cards

It was reported earlier this week, the Covid situation in the city intensified as increasing infections resulted in intense care units (ICUs) in hospitals exhausting their capacities.

According to the details, the Divisional Headquarters Hospital ICU has run out of space to accommodate more patients with surging cases of the pandemic that has plagued the city.

The sources said official authorities of Azad and Jammu Kashmir are considering imposing a two-week strict lockdown in the region to curb the viral spread.

Mirpur Commissioner has convened an emergency session to deliberate the options at disposal wherein to also discuss terms of reference if lockdown should be imposed.



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