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Lofelt’s wearable subwoofer Basslet lets you feel the music

A Berlin-based company Lofelt has launched an innovative sort of bracelet.

Named the ‘Basslet’, the wearable devices is a subwoofer for the most powerful mobile music experience.

The Basslet uses a whole new technology for sound and delivers the beats and bass lines in high definition which was until now impossible with just headphones.

The groundbreaking LoSound engine uses innovative haptic technology designed in Germany to feel sound and recreates bass frequencies precisely to 10 Hz.

The Basslet works with all kinds of audio devices and music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music. It does not require any configuration or app and it is completely silent to the outside world.

The applications of the LoSound Engine go far beyond the Basslet which is packed with automotive, gaming and music technology.

Lofelt has also developed its own concept for gaming controllers that provides an immersive gaming experience. The company is in talks with major virtual-reality (VR) and gaming companies to license the LoSound engine for the gaming experience of the future.

Users can also used the Basslet and enhance the gaming experience and immerse the action as if they are present there.

The Basslet works with anything that has sound and can be connected to your smartphone, laptop, gaming console, virtual reality headset and even with your old Walkman.


“In the near future, high quality haptic feedback will become ubiquitous, like wireless connectivity or touch-screen technology,” says Lofelt CEO Daniel Büttner.

“Haptics will move rapidly from something special to being something that people expect in all their devices.”

Lofelt is advancing the trend initiated by companies like Apple to create high quality user experiences through high definition haptic feedback.

Starting February 7, 2017 the Basslet is available on lofelt website, Amazon US, and Amazon UK for $199/£179.




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