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Looks like something Big is coming our way!

Have you seen an abstract piece of content from Telenor taking over your screens? If yes, then you are not the only one.

Over the past few days, the internet has witnessed a series of videos which have taken the digital audience by surprise. Interestingly, the content has been designed in a manner that it generates curiosity by revealing little and leaving more to the imaginations of the viewers. The interesting video content keeps us hooked till the end, leaving us wondering: What could be happening? Is something big coming our way?

Someone had to analyze this phenomenon so we decided to take the lead and found out that Telenor Pakistan is at the helm of this arrangement and most probably all set to disrupt our lives.

As we know Telenor Pakistan has always been at the fore-front of digital innovation while providing superior data driven solutions.

The brand always picks up digital lifestyle experiences and opportunities arising from data usage. Telenor Pakistan focuses and promises to provide seamless data experience to its customers and this could yet be another data driven campaign .

It can be safely assumed that Telenor will be revealing something exciting for data users, enhancing the customers data driven needs.

The video content that has just been published, provides evidence that Telenor will be offering a truly differentiated data experience. The aesthetics of the content lead us to believe that improving the lifestyle of customers with its digital solutions is the focal point of Telenor’s upcoming campaign. This customer-first approach has always been at the heart of every single initiative the brand has taken over the past few years.

Pakistan is super excited to see what the brand has in store for its customers.

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