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Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood goes gaga over Bollywood

Who’d have thought Frodo Baggins would journey into India, after destroying the ring at Mount Doom?

Apparently, Elijah Wood is in India these days and he’s in love with the country. The 34 year-old actor is in the country for a music tour and said that he had become accustomed to the idea that fans identified him with his LOTR character.

“These movies will be around for generations to come. I’ll always be associated with my character, and it’s one of the best experiences of my life,” he said. Roaming around in the city of Bandra, who knew the on-screen hobbit had taken a fancy to rickshaws?

“There’s a Rickshaw Run from somewhere in India all the way to Nepal. It’s a month-long trip. You get a rickshaw and some money to fix and modify it, and you go with a group of people. Me and a couple of other people were planning to take this crazy journey, stay at local places, bring along a sleeping bag… it would be super rough,” he stated.

Elijah Wood

Elijah also revealed that he was a fan of Indian music and revealed what he particularly liked about Bollywood music.

“That’s what’s exciting. If it’s disco or dance music, it is filtered through the eastern side here. The mixture of traditional and popular styles is really good,” he siad.

And guess what? He was all praise for Bollywood too!

“Bollywood is so amazing… the output is so much greater than that of Hollywood. Hundreds of movies are made here every year. It’s an extraordinary film industry.”



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