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Low flood in Indus at Guddu

The river water did not hit any of the embankments in katcha areas of four talukas of Khairpur district including Khairpur, Kingri, Gambat and Sobhodero till late on the Thursday night.

The Flood Forecasting Division (FFD) has said that the Indus River was moving ahead with low flood at Guddu barrage. The flow in the river at Sukkur Barrage was yesterday recorded at 190,000 cusecs.

According to the flood forecast body the flood torrent would continue to pass through Guddu and Sukkur barrages for three days and passing through the plains of Sindh would flow into the sea after a week.

Dozens of villages in Ghotki and Pano Aqil areas reported to have drowned and cut off from other areas.

Flooding in Chenab River has started receding, but it is still flowing at Panjnad with 318,000 cusecs.

Large swathes of land in southern Punjab from Muzaffargarh to Rahimyar Khan and including Rajanpur, Khangarh, Shujabad are still under the water.



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