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Lucman comes with a revelation on Money Laundering case

Mubasher Lucman while hosting his ARY News show ‘Khara Sach’ claimed that Mohammad Anwar and his party are in hot waters regarding money laundering as the two Karachi businessmen who had presented written affidavits that they had provided the money to the party, have backed down from their statements.


Lucman said that the two businessmen told the Scotland Yard that the statement of owning the money was taken from them on ‘gunpoint’ and they have not sent the money in question.

About Anwar, the man under investigation, Mubasher Lucman said that PPP’s Zulfiqar Mirza and MQM Haqiqi’s Afaq Ahmed used to claim that Anwar was never a Pakistani citizen and so far, the MQM leader has failed to prove the allegation wrong.

Discussing MQM chief’s outburst against media, Lucman came up with an old media story regarding Altaf Hussain’s former security guard.

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About Altaf Hussain’s Security Guard

Lucman revealed that prominent journalist Salahuddin had published an interview of a security guard of MQM chief Altaf Hussain.

The guard Fareed Khan revealed in the interview that Altaf Hussain used to say that if he had the power, he could have imposed a ban on even Eid and Jumma prayers.

If Hussain had to kill someone, he would say “Najanay Allah Kab Inhe Puchay Ga” (Don’t Know when the God will inquire them)

Fareed Khan claimed that if we talked about religion, Altaf would cry out loud and say “Tumhe Jitna Deen se Door Karna Chahta hun, Itna hi tum Deen k qreeb janay ki baaten karte ho” (The more I try to keep you away from religion, the more you talk about practising it).

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