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Lucman compares Altaf Hussain with Mullah Fazlullah

In his ARY News show ‘Khara Sach’, Lucman said that during his study he found some strange similarities between MQM founder and current TTP chief Mullah Fazlullah.

1. Both Altaf Hussain and Mullah Fazlullah came from humble backgrounds as the former was born and educated in Karachi, Only had a bike when he was young and created APMSO as a student.

The latter was born in a farmer’s house in 1974 and was serving as Sky Lift operator in his youth.

2. Altaf Hussain started his party’s funding with a voluntary hide and charity collection so did Mullah Fazlullah (in the name of charity) during the early days of his rise.

3. While Hussain targeted the Mohajir (immigrants from India during the partition) youth in the name of rights Fazlullah started with the conservative Pashtun youth.

4. Mullah Fazlullah campaigned for ‘an ideal society’ free of all evils and asked all to buy arms as the state institutions are not able to protect them.

Similarly Altaf Hussain during his early days asked his followers to sell fridge, Television and Video Cassette Recorders (VCR) to buy arms.

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5. Fazlullah created an armed group which used to roam Swat valley with impunity while Altaf Hussain too created a militant wing in the party which resorted to force people for frequent strikes, attempt targeted killings and ethnic riots.

6. Lucman claimed that as Mullah Fazlullah enjoys Indian support in Afghanistan, Altaf Hussain too enjoys similar support according to a Wiki Leaks document (he once presented in his program) and Hussain’s men confessed acquiring  training from India.

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7. Fazlullah termed Army and Police as his enemies while Altaf Hussain considers Sindh Rangers as his enemy.

8. Fazlullah had three state operations against his men while Altaf Hussain’s MQM too had to go through operations as TTP chief escaped Afghanistan in 2009, Hussain arrived in London in 1992.

10. The TTP chief used an illegal ‘Radio’ for his speeches and got famous as ‘Mullah Radio’ while Altaf Hussain uses telephone to address his workers.

Lucman also claimed that in the ‘Money Laundering’ case against MQM five more people are under investigation which includes MQM chief Altaf Hussain,  Tariq Meer, Iftikhar Ahmed, Sarfraz Merchant and Sarfraz Ahmed.

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