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Lyari based short film wins top prize in Bahrain

Ahsan Shah’s Balochi-film Jaawar (Balochi word for situation) emerged winner in the film festival held in Bahrain. The producer of the film was surprised to know that he won the award for his work.

Shah said that he had no idea that his film would be selected and would go on to win the first prize in the film festival. He added that he did not get his passport renewed for travelling to Bahrain to attend the awards.

He went on to say that achieving success requires a lot of hard work. He said that no one finances Lyari films and the film crew work for free.

“Budget and finance are the biggest issues we face,” Shah said.

The plot of the film circles around an old and disable father and his son who are fighting for their lives in the ongoing situation in Lyari.

Shah and Danish, who plays the leading role of Akhtar in the film, spoke to ARY News in News @ 3, hosted by anchorperson Maria Memon.

“The situation which I was actually going through was present in the skit. I am from Lyari and all Lyarians are facing the same condition. The people in the area get worried even after a minor explosion,” Danish added.

The actor added that he cannot be called a trained actor but he had produced and worked in few movies himself. He went on to say that he had a wonderful experience while working with the new generation.

Shah said that the cost of Jaawar was not very high as they are already working in Lyari with a “Balochi hub” who produce films and show it to the people in the area.

“The film cost us Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7000 which included our food and travelling expenses.”

Short Film “Jaawar’ won first prize in Bahrain by arynews



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