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Lyari Gang War criminal makes significant disclosures

According to an investigative report, Lyari Gang War commander Rehman Dacoit had got Shakir Baloch recruited in Sindh Police in 2009. He was deputed at Garden Police Headquarters after getting commando training from Razzaqabad Police Training Center.

The report said he had been a friend of dangerous Lyari Gang War accused Jabbar aka Jheengo, who murdered his mother-in-law, father-in-law and brother-in-law with Baloch.

The accused Shakir Baloch during interrogation revealed that he had individually murdered 15 people and a dozens in company of his accomplices.


“I have killed more than a dozen Muttahida Qaumi Movement workers and other Muhajirs. I used to kill people in Lyari after kidnapping them and used to throw body parts of the victims in different areas,” he said.

The investigative report said Baloch was also involved in terrorism and killing of policemen. He used to take extortion from traders of Old City Area and Fisheries. He also used to run drugs and gambling dens. The accused was arrested from Federal B Area with his friends from Adil Stop near Shafiq Morr on a tipoff.



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