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Lyari gangster killed in Rangers raid, two skeletons found

According to a spokesman of Rangers a gangster namely Zakir alias Wahshi was killed in a raid of Rangers in Bihar Colony area of Lyari here.

Four accomplices of the dead gangster were also arrested with illegal weapons.

Zakir Wahshi was a hardened criminal and linked with the gang of Baba Ladla. He was involved in murder, robberies, kidnapping for ransom and other heinous crimes. He was recently released on bail.

Rangers personnel found two skeletons buried at a place on the indication a 15-year member of a Lyari gang. The gangsters had killed and buried the two victims.

A target killer, Rafi Dad, was arrested in a raid of law enforcement agencies in Shah Faisal Colony of Karachi.

Rafi Dad said to be involved in murder of eight persons and was linked with a political party.

Moreover, police arrested six persons including two women involved in murder of a schoolteacher Qurratulain in Defence area.

Police arrested two women Fiza, Sakeena and their four men accomplices Shakeel, Jahangir, Waqar and Manzar Abbas.

According to police, Manzar Abbas, the fiancee of the victim schoolteacher, had planned the murder with the help of other accused.



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