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Lyariites demand immediate restoration of Rangers policing powers in Karachi

The Lyariites blocked the road of Mauripur in protest against the Sindh government’s delaying in restoring Rangers powers through which it could carry out raids against target killers, extortionists, and kidnappers and take criminals into custody for 90 days.

A large number of residents, including women and children, of Lyari, Agra Taj, Mauripur and other areas participated in the protest. They were holding banners and chanted slogans in favor of Sindh Rangers.

They said Rangers’ targeted operation had reestablished peace in Lyari.

This should be noted that top decision makers of Sindh and the Pakistan People’s Party leadership are due to meet in Dubai today to decide upon the extension of Rangers’ special policing powers in Karachi.

While, Leader of Opposition in National Assembly Khursheed Shah had on Friday said the Sindh government had all the powers to give Rangers powers wherever and whenever it was desired and it would not be violation of the constitution.





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