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Magical hand gestures in Yoga keep you healthy

Cases of anxiety, migraines and depression are increasing day by day.  People turn to medicine or yoga to heal themselves. There are many hand gestures in yoga which are proved to be highly beneficial for the human mind and body.

Mudras are defined as hand and finger gestures used in meditation or breathing exercises. It is considered that they guide energy flow to the human body.

It also stimulate different brain areas, which helps in the relaxation of the mind and relieve stress. Several of the following mudras are useful for ear-aches and migraines.

Vayu Mudra – The mudra of air

This exercise releases extra air from the stomach and is helpful for treatment of Parkinson’s disease and athritis. Index finger must be folded and placed on the base of the thumb against the bone which is the nearest to the tip of the finger. The thumb should be placed slightly higher than your index finger. Pressure should be applied while stretching the other three fingers.

Gyan Mudra – The mudra of knowledge

It is used to improve concentration and memory. It is also a cure for insomnia, as endocrine and pituitary glands are stimulated by this exercise. In order to perform this gesture, the tip of your thumb should be touch against you index finger’s tip. The rest of the fingers should be extended.

Shunya Mudra – The mudra of emptiness

This mudra helps in curing migraines and ear-aches. The thumb should be placed over the middle finger, which should be kept in a bending position. The bone closest to the tip of your finger should be pressed by using the base of your thumb. The rest of your fingers should be kept straight as possible.

Apanu Vaya Mudra – The mudra of the heart

It is used to give strength to the human heart. The tips of your ring and middle fingers should be touched to the tip of your thumb. The little finger should be stretched whereas the index finger should be allowed to touch the base of your thumb. Light pressure should be applied.

Prithvi Mudra – The mudra of Earth


It helps to relieve stress and exhaustion. It also helps the digestive system, calms your mind and it also improves blood circulation as well. For performing this gesture, the tip of ring finger must be touched to the your thumb’s tip. These two fingers should be together while extending your other three fingers.



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