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Mahesh Bhatt upset with nephew Emraan Hashmi

When Emraan Hashmi decided to allot 10 days to promote his upcoming film Raja Natwarlal, the move did not go down well with the Bhatts– Mahesh, Mukesh and Vikram. Reason: They wanted these dates to wrap up their supernatural thriller, Mr. X, with the actor. Now, they will have to get fresh combination dates from the rest of the cast for the shoot.

When contacted, Emraan’s uncle, Mahesh Bhatt, didn’t mince words, saying, “He did inform me about this change in plans but he still caught me off-guard. Without taking away from his efforts, I have to say that I am the architect of Brand Emraan. We are his parent company and deserve his loyalty more than anyone else.”

Interestingly, Raja Natwarlal’s director Kunal Deshmukh is also a Bhatt protege and this is his first film outside the camp. Emraan responded to Mahesh’s outburst saying, “Bhattsaab has been and always will be my mentor. But he forgets that he was the one who told me that in the end only success matters, be it through fair or foul means. I am going all out for Raja Natwarlal as it is a good film and I want it to succeed. Bhattsaab should be happy because I am following his teachings.”



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