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Mahesh Bhatt’s upcoming movie dares to deescalate Indo-Pak hostility

MUMBAI: As tension is engulfing outrageously between India and Pakistan on political front, Indian filmmaker Mahesh Butt has come up with an idea to bridge gaps among the arch-rivals using screen space.

Mahesh Butt in his recent tweet quoted a classic Faiz Ahmed Faiz metaphor on bloodshed and killing hence shedding light on his next project that aims to build strong bonding between the two countries.

This Punjabi movie “Dushman” is a serious attempt of improving terms of these neighboring countries.

The movie is written by Shagufta Rafique and she is making her directorial debut with the movie stars Jashan Singh, Kartar Cheema  and Sakshi Gulati. The movie Dushman is a blend of action throttle and real emotions, Dushman will surly bridge the gap of hatred and revenge and will penetrate the sense of brotherhood and peace. No doubt that the flick will be a yet another history to make by itself since the divide of 1947, the emotions will jolt once again.

Mahesh Butt is putting in the efforts to make the ties strong between the neighbors and also genuinely wants the Pakistani movie ban to be lifted. We anticipate to see how the rebel act of Mahesh Butt ‘s movie will cast its side-effects on Indian activists.

We hope the movie can bring harmony to the nations and may divide be diminished.




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