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Mahira Khan celebrates her makeup artist in loving birthday note

Ever the humble A-Lister, Mahira Khan had nothing but loving words for her long-time makeup artist Adnan Ansari as she took to Instagram to wish him a happy birthday.

Sharing a slew of memories with Adnan in the form of pictures and videos, Mahira wrote, “People always ask me why I post so many photos of my team, particularly my make-up artists,” and then proceeded to explain why.


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“Adnan was an asst. makeup artist at Nabila’s when I was a VJ at MTV. We were all sent to Nabila’s for a makeover and I wasn’t ready to get anything done so I was assigned to Adnan,” she reminisced. “We sat there literally twiddling our thumbs. I remember laughing at everything he said. This was 2006/7.”

More than 15 years later, Mahira shared that Adnan is not just her makeup artist now but much more than that.

“He’s my friend, my brother, my keeper of secrets,” she wrote. “He has seen me cry sneakily onset and held my hand through it. I have held him in my arms when he has broken down. We have laughed, cried, danced all night, ate like crazy, traveled the world… all of it… together.. he is my family.”


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A post shared by Mahira Khan (@mahirahkhan)

The 36-year-old went on to express gratitude to her job and the universe for uniting her with the people she loves so much.

And to answer the initial question, Mahira said, “So to answer the question… is quite simple – I am, because of them.”

Adnan, who celebrated his birthday with a small, intimate gathering of friends that included Mahira and Fawad Khan among others, couldn’t hold back his emotions in the comments either. “You made me cry love u so much. My one and only,” he said.

Talk about a humble celebrity… they definitely don’t come a dime a dozen! Celebs should definitely take some notes from Mahira.



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