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Mahira Khan names her favourite Pakistani actresses

Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan took to Twitter to have a fun-filled and a light hearted conversation with her fans using the hashtag #AskMahira

On being asked, what keeps Mahira Khan grounded with so much fame and success surrounding her, she replied, “My parents”

Mahira Khan named her two favorite Pakistani actresses

And her three favorite Pakistani serials

When asked what love is for Mahira Khan, she replied:

So is Mahira Khan, a Karachite or Lahori?

When one of her fans asked if it is always important to run after goals. She advised, “Run after intent.”

The thing which Mahira Khan loves about her fans?

Being a superstar, is there anything which scares Mahira Khan?

Oh, and if there is anything which has ever displeased Mahira Khan, there is a way to fix it

She also had an advice to give to the younger generation

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