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Majority of our patients had low levels potassium and sodium from excessive sweating: AKUH

“Most affected individuals can replenish their salt and water with ORS or a sports drink. However, patients with an illness should always consult with their physician first,” said Dr Munawar Khursheed, Consultant Emergency Medicine, AKUH.

“Heatstroke can occur when your body temperature rises to 40o C or higher. Avoid a heatstroke by following some very simple steps: wear loose clothing, avoid direct exposure to the sun and drink plenty of fluids. If you notice the symptoms of overheating, high body temperature, red or dry skin, a rapid pulse, a throbbing headache or dizziness, go to a hospital immediately,” he added.

Although the number of heatstroke patients arriving at the city hospitals has reduced, AKUH still received 43 patients in the last 24 hours. No new deaths were reported by the Hospital.



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