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Makhee ki Baat Mein Nay Shuru Nahi Ki: PM Sharif on Parliament Floor

Makhee ki Baat Mein Nay Shuru Nahi Ki (I never initiated talk about Makhee), he clarified during floor of the Parliament today.

“I spoke about “fly dying” with respect to Karachi strikes in a lighter mood,” underlined the PM.

The Prime Minister, during his visit to Karachi to last week, had said that Karachi shuts down even if a fly dies here.

The MQM hit back at the PM, asking Mr. Sharif not to degrade people of Karachi who are subjected to violence and target killings in the city.

In his speech today, the PM explained that traders spoke it first that Karachi gets shut down even if a fly dies in the city.

Mr. Sharif referred to MQM MNA Rasheed Godal, saying “Mr. Godal should have now become satisfied with my clarification.”

However, he said he had asked the Governor Sindh Dr. Ishratul Ibad to take notice of strikes in Karachi.

In his speech, he said federal government was gifting Green Line project to people of Karachi and Sindh, costing around Rs 25 billion.

He maintained that K-4 project is the responsibility of Sindh government.



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