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Prayer leader sentenced to 10 years in jail for hate speech

The prayer leader identified as Abdul Ghani was also fined Rs. 750,000 by Judge Khalid  Arshad.

The law enforcement agencies had arrested him and filed an FIR. The prayer leader was sentenced to 10 years after he was found guilty of the crime.

Moreover, four others were sentenced to prison terms for possessing hate literature.

Muhammad Waqas was sentenced to 110 days in jail and fined Rs. 5,000 while another court sentenced Rafique Ahmad to jail term of 105 days in jail and Rs. 5,000 fine.

Muhammad Zahid was sent to jail for 105 days alongwith a fine of  Rs. 3,000 for possessing banned literature while Talib Hussain was has been sent to jail for three months in prison and has been fined Rs. 5,000 for acquiring objectionable literature.



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