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Malakand Missing Persons: SC expresses displeasure over no advancement

ISLAMABAD: A three-member bench of the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan, headed by Justice Jawwad S Khwaja resumed the hearing of the case pertaining to 35 missing persons from Malakand – ARY News reports.

During the hearing, Justice Jawwad S Khwaja inquired the Attorney General, Salman Butt about the advancement in the case, saying that you had insured the court in the last hearing.

To which, Salman Butt replied that a new commission has been formed pertaining to these 35 missing people, which will start working from today.

At this, Justice Jawwad expressed his displeasure and remarked that court is demonstrating patience so that the case could advance, yet it is not satisfied with your explanation.

This is 34th hearing of this case, but no advancement is made so far, added the head of SC bench.

The Attorney General pleaded the court for some more time to resolve the issue.

Justice Jawwad S Khwaja directed him to inform the court about the advancement tomorrow or else notices will be issued to the concerned authorities and adjourned the hearing till tomorrow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



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