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Malala Yusufzai, father to read journalist Faizullah Khan’s book

BIRMINGHAM: Nobel Peace Prize laureate and education activist Malala Yusufzai has expressed interest in the autobiography of renowned ARY News journalist Faizullah Khan about his arrest and subsequent release in Afghanistan.

Malala’s father, Ziauddin, shared the picture holding a picture of Faizullah’s book ‘Durrand Line ka Qaida’ (Prisoner of Durrand Line) which the journalist sent her in Birmingham where she is currently based.

“Thank you @FaizullahSwati for sending your book that tells your incredible story. Stay blessed,” read the caption by her father.

Malala and her father had also played a role in Faizullah’s release from an Afghan prison, and had called then Afghan President Hamid Karzai requesting for his release.

Faizullah also has disclosed certain exclusive aspects on the attack on Malala in his book which was not known before. Malala survived an assassination attempt by Taliban militants in 2012 sparking worldwide outrage and condemnation.

Faizullah disclosed that during his talks with several Taliban commanders confirmed that the attack on Malala was the brainchild of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakisan leader Mullah Fazulullah.

Book review: ‘Durand Line Ka Qaidi’ – Faizullah Khan reveals how it feels to be a prisoner in Afghanistan

War correspondent Faizullah was fulfilling his journalistic duties when he mistakenly crossed the Durrand Line, the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, in April 2014.

He was arrested by Afghan intelligence officials, and sentenced to four years imprisonment by a court in Nangarhar province for not travelling on proper documents.

He was subsequently released due to the efforts of the government on Pakistan, journalist bodies, ARY News, international human rights and civil society activists.

Thereafter, he wrote the book narrating the ordeal and events leading to the his arrest and subsequent release. The book will also help understand the history of the region, and  be known for international journalists held in Afghanistan.



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