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Malaysia says insufficient evidence to reopen probe into Nora Anne Quoirin’s death

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian court on Monday announced it would not reopen a probe into the death of an Irish teenager whose body was found in a jungle after she went missing during a family holiday, saying she likely died of misadventure.

In August 2019, body of Nora Anne Quoirin, 15, who suffered from learning difficulties, was found in a ravine near a holiday resort where her family was staying in Seremban, about 70 km (44 miles) south of the Malaysian capital.

On Monday, the Seremban Coroner’s Court closed an inquest requested by her family, saying there was insufficient evidence to indicate foul play.

Coroner Maimoonah Aid ruled that there was no one involved in Quoirin’s death and it was more likely she had simply got lost in the jungle.

“It was more probable than not that she had died of misadventure…” Maimoonah said.

“For me to speculate and presume of her actions and involvement of a third party without any proof, that would be a breach of my duty so the inquiry is hereby closed.”

Quoirin’s parents, Sebastien and Meabh Quoirin, appeared solemn as the decision was read, in a court proceeding streamed online due to coronavirus restrictions.

In a statement, Quoirin’s family said they were “utterly disappointed”, reiterating their belief that she had been kidnapped.

The ruling had focused exclusively on physical evidence and failed to take into account the teenager’s personality or intellectual abilities, they said.

“It is indeed our view that to know Nóra would be to know that she was simply incapable of hiding in undergrowth, climbing out a window and/or making her way out of a fenced resort in the darkness unclothed,” said the statement, released by victims’ advocacy group LBT Global.

Police had said there was no evidence Quoirin was kidnapped and insisted their probe was thorough.

An autopsy had established Quoirin had died from internal bleeding, probably caused by prolonged hunger and stress.



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