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Malicious propaganda cannot finish MQM: Altaf Hussain

Speaking to the members of central executive committee, senators, assembly members and other office bearers at party headquarters, MQM chief said that his party is being pushed to the wall because it wants to hand over Pakistan to its true founder, the poor masses of the country.

“Conspiracies, poisonous propaganda and cheap tactics cannot finish MQM”, said a confident Altaf Hussain.

MQM chief questioned the authorities as to what have they done against sectarian and banned outfits operating in the country while MQM is being pushed to the wall.

“MQM wants to liberate the country of feudal lords and exploiters of masses, change the age old system of exploitation. So, the status quo loving parties are jointly trying to finish the party”, remarked Altaf Hussain.

About PTI chief Imran Khan’s announcement to contest elections against MQM and beat the party in its stronghold, Altaf said that he welcomes  Khan to come and fight MQM in a democratic fashion.

In the end, Hussain paid rich tribute to all Rabita Committee members, assembly members and senators of MQM for remaining loyal to the party  in these trying circumstances.



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