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Malik Riaz offers to adopt child brought at Edhi Centre

Bahria Town’s chief wished to adopt the four-year old after the child’s story was covered by television channels.

Edhi Foundation sources have said that many people have expressed their desires to adopt the child, who was brought to the orphanage by a man named Rizwan.

It should be noted that Rizwan brought Abdullah to the Edhi Centre and falsely claimed that he found the child at Do Darya area. The social welfare foundation decided to keep the four-year old at their orphanage and started searching for his parents.


Rizwan was the same person who had hired a flat for Abdullah and his mother named Haleema at Delhi Colony for rent. He mentioned his overseas identification card number in the documents.

Police said that Rizwan is the prime suspect in the case and the authorities are searching high and wide for his arrest. They said that the case cannot be immediately solved unless the suspect is arrested.

The cause of Haleema’s death cannot be ascertained in the post-mortem as the body is in a bad condition. The corpse of the deceased was sent to a laboratory for chemical examination to figure out how she was murdered.

Meanwhile, the details of Abdullah’s father emerged as he  was identified as 69-year old Mohammad Iqbal.

He is a resident of Khanewal and was a contractor by profession. Iqbal got married twice by tying the knot with Haleema.

Sources said that Iqbal is ill and Abdullah’s uncle has agreed to take the child with him.

A special team has been formed for Rizwan’s arrest, according to DIG South.

Rizwan’s spouse Sonya, who is under police custody, said that her husband knew Haleema and both of them were living in the same compound at Delhi Colony.

The Bahria Town chief has helped the needy and affected people of Pakistan in the time of need and this gesture also reflects his commitment towards humanity and the affected people of the country.

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