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Malik Riaz offers to bear Abdul Sattar Edhi’s medical expenses

Riaz has said that Abdul Sattar Edhi is a dignified and respectable citizen of Pakistan.

Bilquees Edhi, speaking exclusively with ARY News today, said that her husband has refused to travel abroad. She said that her spouse doesn’t like to go abroad for treatment of his ailment.

She said that Dr. Adeeb Rizvi has taken care of him in such a way that as he is one of their own.

“We are thankful to the Bahria Town chairman for remembering us. May he always prosper and our well wishes are with him,” Edhi said.

Edhi went on to say that no government has contacted us in our time of grief. She said that the rulers don’t fulfill their responsibilities to serve the people.

“Whenever a human falls ill, we treat them. Whenever an animal needs our help, we are there to help them,” she added.

Malik Riaz offers to help Abdul Sattar Edhi by arynews

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