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Malik terms Mastung incident a conspiracy to sabotage corridor project

Speaking at a press conference flanked by government and opposition members, Dr Abdul Malik Baloch said that yesterday’s killing of 21 people in Mastung was a conspiracy to halt development of the province and to sabotage Pakistan China Economic Corridor (PCEC) project.

He extended his heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved families of the victims.

“An all parties conference (APC) is being summoned on Mastung carnage, while the prime minister will also be requested to participate in it,” Malik told.



20 passengers killed as gunmen attack buses in Balochistan
Relatives of Mastung attack victims protest over killings


Opposition Leader Maulana Abdul Wasay said that Mastung incident is a global conspiracy to pit two brotherly ethnic communities of the province against each other.

Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti said that the militia which abducted and killed passengers in Mastung is funded by Indian spy agency RAW, adding that a search operation is continued in the vicinity.

The government and opposition jointly made an appeal to the masses to keep their businesses closed tomorrow, in order to express solidarity with the families of Mastung victims.



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