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Mallika Sherawat: I cover myself with burqa when I'm traveling alone

Who would have thought Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat actually covers herself up with a burqa, every time she has to travel alone? Yes indeed, in an interview with an Indian website, the actress revwaled this bizarre fact about her.

“Usually when I travel I have my staff with me. But on occasions when I am travelling alone, I wear a burqa to avoid attracting attention,” said the Bollywood actress.

Not only that, Mallika also revealed that she was quite spiritual and that if one didn’t adopt religious practices in public, then that doesn’t mean that one was not at all spiritually closer to God.

“I am religious and spiritual. One doesn’t have to go to temples daily to be religious. I read Hanuman Chalisa daily in the morning,” said Mallika.

Mallika Sherawat

The news comes as a surprise for most people due to the fact that Mallika Sherawat has always attracted ire and criticism for her bold scenes and raunchy item songs. She became famous with her film Murder opposite Emraan Hashmi and since then has always earned the reputation of a woman who shoots intimate scenes without hesitation.

The actress also had plenty to say regarding her audition for Aamir Khan’s upcoming movie Dangal.

“I auditioned for Dangal and they (makers) liked my audition too. But the role I had auditioned for was that of a mother of four daughters. The team told me that try whatever they could, they were not able to see me as a mother of four daughters. That’s the real reason why I was not cast.”

Nice to know that the Bollywood actress wears a burqa when she travels all alone by herself. After all, in a country such as India, one can only take precaution!



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