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Mamnoon concerned about growing intolerance in politics

ISLAMABAD: President Mamnoon Hussain on Sunday stressed the need for the nation to stand united against growing intolerance in politics, saying this menace is leading the nation towards destruction.

In a statement on Sunday, he expressed his displeasure over the rising trend of intolerance in politics.

The president said if intolerance is not controlled it may undermine achievements made in the war against terrorism.

He said when disagreement exceeds the limits of decency it creates turmoil in societies and there remains no respect either of any institution or a person.

He urged the whole nation to agree on charter of ethics and morality and express their differences in an agreeable manner within religious and constitutional limits.

Mamnoon’s statement came in the wake of the hurling of a shoe at former premier and PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif today in Lahore.

The shoe was thrown at the former premier during an event at Jamia Naeemia seminary in Garhi Shahu.

As Sharif took a podium of the stage to deliver a speech, a man approached the stage and hurled the shoe at him, which hit Sharif on his chest.

Soon after the incident, the seminary administration detained the attacker and handed him over to the police.



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