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Man beheads wife and walks with her head in one hand, axe in the other

A simple case of cynicism transpired into a murder one when an Indian man in Pune killed his wife and chopped off her head with his axe. According to the police, the man suspected his wife of having illicit relations with their son-in-law.

Ramchandra Sheu Chavan (53 years old) a resident of Oswal Plot near Ganga Osian Park, Sukhsagar Nagar, was seen walking around the locality around 9 am with a severed head in one hand and an axe in the other. As soon as people saw him, panic and hysteria gripped bystanders. People started taking pictures of the man from their cellphones and also recorded a video of him walking around with his wife’s head in his hand.

An alarmed motorcyclist informed a traffic police personnel about the man and soon after, police arrived on the scene. Chavan was arrested before he was taken to the police station and afterwards, his wife’s body was sent for postmortem.

Police grilled Chavan’s family for details related to the murder and also obtained the statements of some key eyewitnesses. According to details obtained from the investigation, Chavan quarreled with his wife on Friday morning about her alleged affair with their son-in-law. This was after Rajesh and Umesh, both sons of Chavan, had left their home for work. He locked his daughter-in-law and grandsons in a room and chopped off his wife’s head.



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