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Man bites off fingertips to avoid car robbery investigation

A foreign news agency, 20 year old Kenzo Roberts was taking into custody after the cops spotted a car which was reported stolen and the feds discovered the suspect was using a fake identification and was carrying a concealed firearm and three false credit cards.

Roberts was made to sit in the back of patrol car and he started chewing off his fingertips to avoid being investigated for the crime

After his fingerprints were scanned, the authorities found out found out that he had several felony warrants on his name as well.

He has been charged with counts of possession of a counterfeit credit card; grand theft auto; possession of a concealed weapon; possession of similitude of a driver’s license; driving with a suspended license; and giving false identification to law enforcement, Orlando Sentinel stated.

The authorities further stated Roberts is residing in the country illegally and that the border officials has been contacted.



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