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Man books entire flight to avoid coronavirus

JAKARTA: In order to keep his wife and himself safe from the novel coronavirus during the air travel, an Indonesian man took the safety precautions to a new level by booking an entire flight.

In a series of photos shared on Instagram, Richard Muljadi, a Jakarta-based socialist and his wife can be seen sitting in an empty flight. Richard, who is also famous for his extravagant lifestyle, shared the photos of a plane where he and his wife were the sole passengers.

The photos were taken when he was travelling from Jakarta to Bali on a Batik Air flight but he did not disclose how much amount he paid to keep the flight private.

However, Richard said that he was “still cheaper” than a private plane. He wrote “After I’d booked as many seats as possible, it was still cheaper than chattering a private jet.”

Richard said that he and his wife, Shalvynne Chang, were “super paranoid” about contracting the virus.

“Had to make sure no one else (was on) this flight. We ain’t flying unless it’s just us,” he said in another caption.

The Lion Air Group, which operates Batik Air, confirmed Richard and his wife were the only passengers on the flight. However, the company added that Richard had only booked two tickets in his name, contradicting his claim, local publication Detik Travel reported.



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