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Amazing!: Man balances 15 chairs on chin to set world record

A man broke a Guinness World Record of balancing most stacked chairs on his chin, after he was able to balance 15 chairs for 10 seconds.

The United States (US) man identified as David Rush, had broken more than 100 world records and it was not for the first time that he broke this record.

Last time when Rush captured it, he was able to balance eight chairs on his chin.

However, his accomplishment was beaten earlier this year by Jaw Rawlings, when he was able to balance 11 chairs on his chin.

Rush, however did not lose hope and traveled to Hendersonville, an area in North Carolina, to appear on TBN’s Huckabee show.

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At the show, Rush was initially given 12 chairs to break the record, however, he chose to go with three more, piling up 15 chairs.

In his first attempt, Rush was only able to lift the chairs for a mere four seconds. “Just trying to make it a look harder,” said a defiant Rush, who was able to lift the chairs for 10 seconds on his chin in the second go, setting a world record.



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