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Man claims he was forced to quit his job over son’s haircut

LONDON: A man said he was forced to quit his job after his son was sent home from school because due to his haircut.

Craig Emmanuel ,37, sent his seven-year old son Mackenzie to St Mary’s CofE Primary School in Willesden, London with a haircut which included a shaved line on one side of his head.


Emmanuel claimed the school staff called him and his wife and asked them to take their son home as Mackenzie’s haircut could distract other children in the school.


The parent also stated that the administration has said that their son can return to school once his hair grows back to the length instructed by them.

Meanwhile, the staff has denied that Mackenzie was suspended and are trying to come up with a solution to the problem with the parents.

Emmanuel said that he have given his notice at the warehouse, where he worked for five days, to look after his son.

He said, “Obviously it is not right. I had to send a letter of resignation because I hadn’t earned any holiday and I didn’t want to ask my new colleagues to swap shifts with me because I’d only just started and didn’t know them.”

“It was a temporary position and I was contracted to work until December 31. I thought it was best for the company for them to go and hire someone else,” he added.

Emmanuel also said that his boss said he was disappointed with the decision and there was also a guy who he struck a friendship with.

The 37-year old said he look for a new job in January and he will spend his earned money on Christmas.


Louise claimed that her son got the haircut in order to stand out to an Arsenal talent scout who was visiting his youth football team.

“Mackenzie plays football for the London Athletic under sevens A squad. He’s getting there with his football and he would love to play for a team like Arsenal,” Louise said.

She added, “There was an Arsenal scout who was going to be attending on Monday so we wanted him to stand out so he might get noticed by the scout.”

She stated that the school told them to get their son’s trimmed even shorter which she refused or wait until it grew back.

Louise further said that the recommended hairstyles were ‘one level’ and ‘lines, patterns and zig-zags’ are not allowed, but was still angry and upset by the fact her son was sent home.

She also said that it was not the first time he had the hairstyle.

“I’m upset and angry, I would understand if he was sent home because his behaviour was inappropriate,” Louise said.

She said that her son will miss his education and Christmas functions.


The school’s head-teacher Susan Lawrence said she will not comment on whether he was sent home on that day or he was told to cut or grow out his hair.

“Our school’s uniform policy which parents and carers are asked to sign at the beginning of the school year sets out the requirement for pupils,” Lawrence said.

She added, “We understand that this young person’s parents are upset about the enforcement of this policy and we are in contact with them in order to come to an agreeable solution.”

Lawrence stated that they had to enforce such policies to remain fair to all students.



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