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Man claims to own ‘oldest mobile phone’ in Britain

LONDON: A British national claims to own the oldest mobile phone — iconic Nokia’s 3310 – which he is using in Britain.

According to details, 49-year old Dave Mitchell says that he owns a Nokia 3310 — which he purchased in 2000s — and says it is made out of Kryptonite.


His mobile phone has gone into the washing machine, dipped in curry sauce, stood on, dropped and thrown. Dave stated that he just has to restart the phone whenever something happens to it.

Mitchell said, “A lot of people laugh at me but when push comes to shove their phones break much more easily. I try not to look too smug when I see someone with a cracked screen.”


He said that his friends make fun of him for using a handset which allows him to make and receive calls, send messages, solve sums on a calculator and play the classic game ‘Snake’.


He also said that he feels happy being able to spend day without scouring the internet and actually sit down at a computer.

Mitchell said that a mobile phone was for making and receiving calls and texts – for a long time the phone lay gathering dust in my drawer.

“But my daughter has just gone to college so I was under pressure from her and other family members to have a mobile handy so we could keep in touch in case of emergencies. It is really for peace of mind,” he said.


He added that he was given a new cellphone with internet access by his son a few years ago but he didn’t want it as his needs were very basic.

“My needs are very basic and the phone has a calculator and games like Snake 2 if I’m bored,” he said.

He said that he took the mobile phone with him on his tours of Afghanistan, Jordan, Iraq and Germany.

Speaking on the battery condition of his classic cellphone, the British national said that he changes the its battery every couple of weeks.

He also said that he doesn’t need a camera on his phone and voiced out his refusal to take selfies.

Dave said, “I don’t need a camera on my phone – I’ll take a camera with me if I want to take photos and I don’t do selfies.”



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