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Man blows up house while trying to kill cockroaches

A man blew up his house ‘accidentally’ while trying to eliminate cockroaches using an insect spray at his place in Mount Isa.

Fed up with the crawling roaches in his house, the man tried to burn them in his kitchen. His choice of weapon? An ignited can and insect spray.

house blow up cockroaches

However, his aggressive actions did not prove to be as effective as he accidentally caused an explosion in his house.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said the man suffered lacerations to his head and hand from shrapnel from the explosion, as reported by ABC News.

The explosion also caused the windows to shatter and significantly damaged the kitchen and walls of the house. The police mentioned that the pest spray had clear labels warning against exposing it to a naked flame. Check out the tweet here.

house blow up cockroaches

“The instructions are put on these things for a purpose and if failure to follow them can result in as it did, in this case, extreme damage to the property,” said station officer Ian Louden.

Luckily, the three children in the Queensland home, aged 9, 11 and 17, were unharmed after the Wednesday night explosion, which happened about 8pm.

Not so lucky was their father, who was taken to Mount Isa Hospital with “abrasions” to his face and arms.



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