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Man fools police with car ‘made of snow’, gets parking ticket

OTTAWA: An artist in Montreal ‘sculpted’ a car out of the snow on the road to make things a bit interesting for the ploughers who come to clear the snow off the roads.

Canada’s Simon Laprise has made snow sculptures, but definitely the first on ‘snow removal day’, and going by the success this fluke prank achieved, he told an Indian news website.

Snow car prank police

The replica of the DeLorean sports car (from Back to the Future) was ‘parked’ on the road, and Laprise expected it to brew some trouble since it’s illegal to park on the street on days the ploughers come in.

Snow car prank police

However, it was not the snow ploughers who fell for the trick. It was police instead! Yes, seeing the vehicle parked in the zone, a cop approached the vehicle in front of the artist’s home only to discover it was a snow sculpture and not a real car.

Snow car prank police

The police officer who spotted the life-size ‘vehicle’ also called in reinforcement. Soon, seeing the car face-to-face the cop realised the joke.

Snow car prank police

However, he was in no mood to let it go and even issued a parking ticket! Only, it had an appreciative note. The cop wrote a thank you note on the ticket in French, which read, “You made our night hahahahaha 🙂

Later, the snow cleaners came and broke the snow structure.

This is how he made the car




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