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Man gets married before turning off ventilator

CHESTER-LE-STREET: A man tied the knot with his love-interest just before taking himself off life support.

According to a foreign news website, 31-year old Tony Cowan’s head was ripped from his spine in a car crash in 2014. He lived with his girlfriend Karen Dawson.

As his pain became unbearable, Cowan decided to switch off his life supporter and expressed his wishes to marry the woman he loved for 12 years.

Karen said that she got married to Tony four days before he passed away in a medical facility with only family members around them.


Tony and Karen said their wedding vows in the hospital room which was decorated for the occasion.

She added, “It was amazing and it was happy and sad because we knew what was coming. He always wanted to get married but we just never got round to it.”

Tony wanted to live a normal a life despite his painful injuries.

Karen said, “We would stay up late watching films, order takeaways. We were together all the time.”

“I just want everyone to know how proud I was of him. He was strong and determined but it was the pain in the end that took him,” she added.

Karen stated that there was no one like him in the world.’

An investigation stated that he died due to road traffic collision.



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