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Man grows beetroot weighing more than 8kg in Oman

MUSCAT: A man in Oman has harvested a single beetroot that weighs a little more than 8 kilograms.

The weight of a beetroot fruit reached more than 8 kilograms, on a farm in the Wilayat of Manah in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate.

Khalid bin Hilal Al-Hajji planted the sapling six months back in his farm in Manah town and while the rest of the crop harvested were normal in size and weight, this whooper came as a surprise package.

In a statement given to a local news agency, he said that this fruit is one of the rare cases, unlike the rest of the crop, which was of its natural size.

Beetroot has several benefits, including lowering blood pressure, aiding digestion, reducing the risk of heart disease, enhancing endurance, improving brain function, supporting liver function, and others.



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