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Man kills two children on 'command' of fake faith healer

According to initial reports, the man, Nadeem, slaughtered his relative children on command of a fake faith healer. Rescue sources told that four children had gone missing in Abbottabad two days ago; of them bodies of the two had been found from Chittar Park, Murree.

Two children whose bodies were brought to PIMS Hospital were identified as Umair and Qadir. One of the children, Zain, was admitted to a Tehsil Hospital in critical condition. The police are searching for the fourth child.

Dr. Aisha at the PIMS Hospital said the necks of all three children were slit. Two were dead and the third was operated upon at the hospital, but he is still in a critical condition, she added.

The maternal uncle of the children had brought her sister’s children to Murree from Abbottabad and he killed them barbarically.

Accused Nadeem was childless and the fake faith healer had asked him to bring blood of a child so his problem could be solved.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



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