Man kills wife for ‘honour’, subjects her to snakebite

LAHORE: An unusual case of “honour killing” was reported in Lahore where a man strangled his wife to death and later subjected her to snakebite to mislead investigators.

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Suspect Abid Ali had got hitched to Noreen around eight months ago. Earlier, he had four children with a woman whom he divorced.


According to police, the suspect first gave his wife sleeping pills before strangling her to death. Later, he unleashed snake on her body to imply that she died of snakebites.



 Police arrived on the scene and got the hang of whole situation and arrested the man. The man had two days ago bought for Rs 1500 with intent of crime.


The suspect said he had doubts on character of his wife, hence he decided to kill her.

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Man kills wife for ‘honour’, subjects her to snakebite

by Ahmed Khokhar