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WATCH: Elderly man parks in garage just 6cm wider than his car

In an astonishing incident, an 88-year-old Dutch man skillfully parked his Fiat Panda in his garage just 6 centimeters wider than his car.

In a video, Eugene, 88, can be seen parking his Fiat Panda in his garage. He looks at the camera and says,” My car is just 1.49 meters wide and the garage is 1.55 meters wide.”

He gets the car in with much ease and without any contact. The walls of the garage have sponges. Eugene said they were installed for the eventuality of a contact.

He begins by moving two chairs in front of the door of his house and then moves his bicycle from the front of his garage door. He then proceeds to line up his car at the perfect angle and then parks it with perfect precision, Times Now News reported.

He parks the car in perfect alignment to the door of the house and then opens the car door through the entrance of his house. That’s not all. He then shuts the door behind him.

It is pertinent to mention here that the clip happens to be 10 years old. Eugene, who was 88 years old then, passed away in 2016.



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