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Sukkur: Man presumed dead after selfie attempt returns home

SUKKUR: A man presumed dead after his January 4 selfie attempt at Indus River’s famed Lansdowne Bridge surprisingly  returned home to the astonishment of his mourning family, ARY News reported on Saturday.

Asif Jamil, who fell into the river after trying to take selfie on its famed bridge on January 4, was being considered dead after rescue workers failed to find him after at least 48 hours of search operation.

The news of his ‘selfie-death’ made headlines across national media but the man surprised all by returning to his wife and daughter today.

Where was He?

According to Asif Jameel’s own statement, he found himself in a jungle after regaining consciousness. He added that he came out of the jungle with the help of some fishermen.

It is pertinent to note here that Asif Jameel was with his wife and daughter when he fell from the bridge and his wife was the one to break the news to the media, police and rescue agencies.

Jameel’s family has termed his return a miracle.






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